Action for Celiac Disease

Action for the welfare of people suffering from celiac disease.


The association ‘Action for Celiac Disease’ is dedicated to the promotion and awareness of celiac disease, solidarity among its members, and aims to help those who discover they are suffering from celiac disease.

General Information

‘Action for Celiac Disease’ is the outcome of the co-operation of people living in Macedonia, Epirus, Thrace and Thessaly. The diagnosis of celiac disease either to themselves, or their children or loved ones joined them to this association specially dedicated to celiac disease. The difficulties for the everyday safe nutrition, were their main concerns. Every new patient faces the same concerns and at this point the Association aims to help. How can this be achieved? Ignorance has to be replaced with knowledge and communication.


The objectives set by the ‘Action for Celiac Disease’ in order to fulfill the purpose of the Association are:

  • The promotion and awareness of celiac disease via any kind of media.
  • Cooperation with other associations and unions, domestic or foreign, in order to fulfill common objectives.
  • Developing relations of solidarity between members and assisting those who are in real need.
  • The advice, encouragement and support to people suffering from celiac disease and to their parents or persons having custody of them.
  • The localization and claim of the rights related to people suffering from celiac disease.
  • Organising social events,seminars and excursions for pursuing the objectives of the association.
  • Cooperation with scientific organizations, doctors, biologists, dieticians, nutritionists.
  • The provision of advice and information about relative research issues and practical applications in everyday life.
  • Cooperation with the local government, social policy agencies, insurance providers in order to develop civic and social assistance for support in the effort of people suffering from celiac disease.
  • Organising voluntary groups responsible for the association’s activities.
  • Organising and participation in conferences, debates, seminars and conferences.
  • Communicating with food production companies, restaurants, hotels in order to provide suitable nutrution for people suffering from celiac disease.